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If you are interested in becoming a penpal, care packager or simply a friend to one of our partner Senior Living Centers, sign up today!




We know nursing homes and senior care facilities have been greatly impacted by Covid-19. Although we can not imagine the strain this virus and its impact has put on facilities, staff, residents and resources, we hope to make this time a bit brighter with our “Sponsor a Senior” program. Our Juniors will fulfill a wishlist of up to five essential items provided by a Senior. 


These items may include but are not limited to blankets, soaps and lotions, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, socks, undergarments, tissues, hand sanitizer, candy, snack packs, reading materials, etc...


Once all wishlist items are collected and organized, ONE single sanitized donation delivery will be made to a partner senior facility on an arranged date. This delivery will be contactless for our safety and the safety of those living and working in the facility. 


Sponsors can opt for contactless package pickup or choose to mail packages to Junior to Senior. 


Please do not hesitate to email us at with any questions. 

"Junior" Interest Form Application

Thank you for your interest! We'll be in touch soon!

Please fill out this interest form. Once you fill this out, you will be paired with a Senior and receive an email with details on how to successfully "Sponsor a Senior".  

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